Anticipate Sluggish Internet in the Coming Days, CA Warns

May 14, 2024

The Communication Authority has announced that Kenyans should brace for slow internet in the coming days.

The Authority attributed the intermittent outage to a deep-sea fiber cut at the Mtunzini teleport station. This fiber cut impacted several submarine cables that serve Kenya, including Seacom and the East African Submarine System (Eassy).

The CA assured the public that the recovery process is underway to restore internet services.

Director-General and CEO David Mugonyi stated in a Monday statement that internet intermittency and slow speeds may persist until services are fully restored.

He directed service providers to proactively secure alternative routes for their traffic.

Mugonyi emphasized that the Authority is closely monitoring the situation to ensure uninterrupted incoming and outbound internet connectivity.

He noted that the East Africa Marine System (TEAMS) cable, unaffected by the cut, is currently handling local traffic flow, while redundancy measures on the South Africa route have been activated to minimize the impact.

This announcement follows complaints from internet users in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda regarding poor connectivity.

Similar outages were experienced in parts of West and Southern Africa in March.

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