Suspected Police Officers and KDF Soldiers Fight Over Ksh 4K Alcohol Bill

April 30, 2024

A brawl broke out at a bar in Musoli, Kakamega County, allegedly involving Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers and Kenya Police officers over an unpaid bill.

According to a police report, the incident unfolded on Sunday when three suspected officers entered the bar for an evening of relaxation. The bar owner, who alerted the authorities, stated that he served them drinks amounting to Kes. 4,250, but they refused to settle the bill.

He added that as they were leaving, they also stole his phone, Kenyans.co.ke reports. When he confronted them outside the bar, they initiated a physical altercation by assaulting him.

“The commotion attracted members of the public and police officers who were on foot patrol within Musoli Centre,” read the police report in part.

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Officers from Musoli Police Station, situated 500 meters away, responded to the commotion, and the intoxicated officers engaged them in a physical altercation, launching kicks and punches at them. However, the perpetrators were eventually subdued and arrested.

“They were placed in custody while very violent and drunk. They also maliciously damaged the cell’s steel door. The three refused to give their names and particulars but are suspected to be KDF and Kenya Police officers,” a police report added.

“They were all placed in custody for the offences of assault, assaulting police officers and malicious damage to property.”

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