Sakaja Announces Free Affordable Housing for Residents of Kanjo Estates in Nairobi

April 30, 2024

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja announced that his administration will prioritize residents of Nairobi City Council (Kanjo) estates when the affordable houses are ready.

The Governor stated that those residing in the Kanjo houses will not need to pay for the new houses under the Affordable Housing project initiated by the national government. Instead, they will receive the houses for free, only being responsible for service charges as usual.

“There are seven estates we have already awarded including Woodley, Bahati, Shauri Moyo, Jericho… all the people who have been living in our Kanjo houses, who have been paying since the 50s and 60s… all these people we will give them houses for free,” Sakaja said in an interview with Radio Citizen on Monday.

Sakaja pointed out that for instance, in Woodley Estate, there are currently 46 houses but with the Affordable Housing Project, at least 1,975 houses will be constructed. He explained that there was no rationale in selling the 46 houses to the existing tenants.

As part of President William Ruto’s Affordable Housing Program, the  govt houses will be priced between Kes840,000 and Kes5.76 million. A one-room unit will be priced at Kes840,000, with a monthly installment of Kes3,200.

A three-bedroom house will be priced at Kes5.76 million, with a monthly payment of Kes41,800.

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