Ruto Demands Govt Employees Holding Fake Degrees Repay Public Funds

April 18, 2024

At the third edition of the National Wage Bill Conference in Nairobi on Wednesday, President William Ruto sounded the alarm regarding the gravity of corruption within the public sector, emphasizing its detrimental effects on national development.

Ruto pointed out that approximately 2,100 individuals falsified their academic qualifications to obtain government employment.

He reaffirmed his dedication to combating corruption, stressing that addressing the issue starts with holding accountable individuals who have illicitly amassed wealth from the State during their tenure in office.

“We must deal firmly with corruption. There is a lot of wastage and theft in the public space. We can put more resources into development and I think we have now stabilised what we needed to stabilise. We will now confront corruption, head on, going forward,” he said.

“A simple audit has revealed that we have 2,100 people with fake certificates working for government.”

The President further insisted that the individuals reimburse the funds they obtained fraudulently as a means to hold them accountable for their forgery.

Ruto at the same time demanded that the culprits resign from their positions.

“Those who have earned money using fake certificates should refund us our public money. Isn’t it the equivalent of obtaining money by false pretence? They should leave, resign and go away and look for money to pay us the public resources that they have earned falsely,” the President¬†said.

“We must do what we must do and I intend to do this. If the country is going to get where we want it to go, we must get the country where it is supposed to go.”

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