“I may not be many things but I’m a good father,” says Samidoh

April 4, 2024

Mugithi artiste Samidoh (born Samuel Muchoki) shared insights about parenting, expressing confidence that he is a devoted father of five.

In an interview with a local blog, Samidoh expressed pride in his paternal responsibilities, noting that he has never allowed any of his children with his two partners, Edday Nderitu and Senator Karen Nyamu, to lack anything.

Si unaona wako sawa? Ubaya ni mtoto akose chakula ama…my responsibility is to raise my kids. Na nawa raise wote, sawa? Yeah equally why not?” he said.

I may not be many things but I’m a good father. I’m there for my children always. I’m always there for them. When it comes to time, when it comes to financial support, I’m always there for them, all of them,” he affirmed.

Samidoh also addressed the challenges of being in the limelight and discussed how he helps his children cope with the online hate that accompanies fame. The Mugithi sensation criticized bloggers for frequently misquoting him or his partners, exacerbating cyberbullying.

“There is a cost to everything. When I was herding cows on Oljoro Orok I was not in the blogs because I was a nobody. But when I became famous there is negativity and I had to find a balance. There is good and bad so when negativity comes in I close off one ear and move on. The problem is not us, The problem is you guys(bloggers) blow things out of proportion you misquote someone, put things here and there,” he said.

Samidoh, who is also a police officer, emphasized his determination to shield his children from the negativity surrounding him.

“I have to sit down with my kids and explain to them that when you are a famous person this is how your life is. Someone will publish something that you did not even say.”

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