DP Gachagua to Provide Ruto with List of Senior Govt Officials Holding Fake Degrees

April 18, 2024

During the third National Wage Bill Conference at the Bomas of Kenya on Wednesday, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua claimed that he knows the culprits responsible for issuing fake academic certificates at River Road in Nairobi and some senior government officials who have benefited from this illegal trade.

Gachagua disclosed that some cartels engaged in the production of fake academic documents had approached him as a potential client.

According to him, the unidentified individuals claimed to have provided their services to numerous government officials seeking fake papers to secure public service employment.

The DP pointed out that these officials, well-known to President William Ruto, are within his reach, and he is prepared to disclose their identities to him.

“Many people in the government, Governors, heads of department, even some who are sitting here with you, most of them their papers ziko na dosari,” he said.

“These people of River Road have been looking for me saying why are you, the deputy president, complaining? Tumesaidia wengi, tumesaidia fulani, fulani na fulani…I will give you the list which I was given of the people who have been helped.”

DP Gachagua stated that he has consistently rejected such offers despite feeling isolated as many of his senior government peers, including President Ruto, possess multiple degrees and advanced qualifications.

Nevertheless, he reiterated his satisfaction with his current level of education, affirming his stance against taking shortcuts.

“When I have been complaining that I am feeling lonely at the top because my boss has three degrees, Controller of State House also three, and I have one,” Gachagua noted.

“As for me, I don’t care much about papers, because I don’t want to go to River Road; I am satisfied with the little I have.”

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