People with Disabilities Warned Against Selling Donated Wheelchairs

March 28, 2024

Governor Kenneth Lusaka has cautioned Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in Bungoma County against selling wheelchairs donated to them.

Lusaka stated that individuals caught selling their donated wheelchairs would face legal charges. He spoke on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, during the launch of the second phase of wheelchair distribution in the county.

The Bungoma County boss revealed that some beneficiaries of the county initiative were selling the wheelchairs valued at Kes.50,000 for as little as Kes.2000.

“The wheelchair is worth more than Kes.50,000, but you go and sell it at Kes.2,000. I will not spare you if you are found,” warned Lusaka.

During the event, 120 persons with disabilities received wheelchairs from the Bungoma County government in partnership with Walkabout Foundation.

The customized wheelchairs are designed to traverse the rough outdoor terrain.

Simultaneously, the Bungoma governor stated that his government, in conjunction with the national government and other development partners, was dedicated to improving the living standards of persons with disabilities.

He also underscored the importance of ensuring that all PWDs in the country have access to wheelchairs, emphasizing that it would facilitate easier movement for beneficiaries in their daily activities.

“As we walk the talk on empowering PWDs, I want to acknowledge the immense cooperation by our esteemed partners, the Walkabout Foundation,” Lusaka stated.

“Disability is not inability. Persons enabled differently have a significant impact on our county matters and should be embraced,” he added.

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