Otile Brown Dismisses Accusations of Seeking Attention at Brian Chira’s Funeral

March 28, 2024

Otile Brown has addressed allegations suggesting that he was clout chasing by performing at the burial ceremony of the late TikTok sensation Brian Chira.

The R&B crooner delivered an emotional and moving performance during the event held on Tuesday, March 26, evoking tears and strong emotions among the attendees.

In an interview with Kenya Online Media, Otile responded to the social media claims, stating that he performed at the funeral solely in response to fans’ requests.

Otile attributed his decision to the overwhelming support from fans, who indicated that Chira particularly enjoyed his song ‘One Call’. He also mentioned that his performance at the burial ceremony was motivated by his wish to honor the memory of a fan, Chira.

“What does my album have to do with the deceased? If you know me, I’m just showing nothing but love at the end of the day. I don’t even know him personally because the attention was brought to me by the fans when I was doing a live with a Tanzanian blogger when people insisted that I should sing the song. So that’s when he was brought to my attention because I never knew the guy,” Otile Brown explained.

“After doing research I realized that he was a huge fan of my songs and if you go to YouTube and check out the song, all the comments are about him. It’s not me, it’s the people they are showing love and all that. Normally those who know me know I never come out for anybody, it’s just who I am. So I was just showing love.”

One Call Doing Numbers

The ‘Alivyonipenda’ singer emphasized that regardless of whether he performed at the funeral or not, his song was already garnering attention.

“It’s doing like 200k views a day, so whether I had showed up or not the song is still doing well. So I think it funny that people will think that. when you are making such a statement what do you want. Do you want me not to show up totally?” he posed.

The song, which debuted a year ago, had accumulated over 5 million views on YouTube as of Wednesday. In a post on his Instagram, Otile conveyed his admiration for Chira’s influence on the track.

“What Chira is doing to #OneCall is just unbelievable. His influence shines brightly, and his love is deeply felt. Sending heartfelt love and prayers… may he rest in peace. I’d be honoured to perform the song at his funeral to help make his memory everlasting.”

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