Nonini Criticizes Ezekiel Mutua, Urges Respect for Artistes

March 5, 2024

Rapper Hubert Nakitare, popularly known as Nonini, once again criticized Ezekiel Mutua, the chairman of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya, regarding the distribution of royalties to Kenyan artistes.

During an appearance on Citizen TV, Nonini accused MCSK and all Kenyan Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) of neglecting the established guidelines to disburse 70% of the collected money in royalties. He pointed out that MCSK operates a dishonest system that unfairly deprives artistes of their rightful earnings.

“Artistes know the amount of money they should earn. A majority of those I represent have not been paid and their songs are always played. Why is money being collected and distributed in bits? Royalties are distributed once…There is no day these people have distributed 70%,” said Nonini.

The US-based rapper/businessman drew a comparison between the distribution of royalties to artistes in the United States and Kenya. Nonini disclosed that the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), one of the largest CMOs in the United States, collected $1.7 billion in 2023 and disbursed a record $1.5 billion to artistes.

“There is zero human interaction because everything has been digitised, we upload our songs on their system and I can log into my account and see my statement,” he said.

“They are mandated to send an annual report to look into detail on how they have spent the money. It is illegal if they are found to have spent only 70%.”

Nonini accused Dr. Mutua of dismissing artistes whenever they raise concerns about their royalties, reminding him that he is their employee.

“If you cannot follow the government’s mandate what are you doing? He is an employee of artists he must respect them. Since when have you seen an employee arguing with his bosses?” Nonini posed.

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