Embarambamba Asks Kenyans for Help After KFCB Bans YouTube Catalog and Imposes Ksh6.4m Fine

March 5, 2024

Underfire gospel singer Christopher Mosioma alias Embarambamba has questioned the hefty penalty imposed by the Kenya Film Classification Board(KFCB) following their meeting over alleged indecent content in his songs.

In a statement after the meeting, KFCB on Monday directed the singer to delete all indecent music videos uploaded on his YouTube channel and other social media platforms within the remaining two days of their earlier demand notice.

“Embarambamba was hard-pressed to explain why he had blatantly contravened Sections 4 (Part II) and 12 of the Cap 222 governing the creation, broadcasting, possession, distribution, and exhibition of audio-visual content in Kenya.

“The artist was further put to task over the use of vulgarity, nudity, indecency, and violent dancing styles in his content, specifically in the ‘Niko Uchi’ song, among others,” KFCB stated.

The Board stated that if the singer fails to comply, further legal action will be taken against him. Additionally, he was instructed to submit all his music videos to KFCB for examination and classification for age appropriateness. Furthermore, he must acquire a filming license before undertaking any new productions.

It also emerged that KFCB imposed a Kes.6.4 million fine as claimed by the controversial singer.

Embarambamba disclosed in a TikTok video that he received a demand letter from KFCB, instructing the removal of his content and a substantial sum of Kes 6.4 million, or he would face seven years in jail.

“Bad news from Embarambamba, I have received a letter from the KFCB. They have ordered me to delete all my videos from YouTube because of dirty content. They have also told me to take KSh 6.4 million to the office. I tried to apologise but they told me without that money I would be jailed for seven years,” he said.

Expressing dismay at the directive, Embarambamba appealed to Kenyans for support, urging them not to vilify him during this challenging time. He questioned the classification of his entire YouTube catalog as “dirty content.”

“Please Kenyans, this is not the time to hate me. Let’s discuss this. So all these videos I have done are bad? Even the ones I did with pastors? And to those who understand YouTube, you can’t earn a penny after deleting videos. You go back to zero. Please Kenyans, I need your help,” he appealed.

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