Nairobi Stops Reggae!!! County Bans Events and Street Parties in Residential Areas

March 18, 2024

The Nairobi County Assembly has officially passed a motion to prohibit street parties and music concerts within the city.

Makongeni MCA and Majority Leader, Peter Imwatok, moved the motion, emphasizing that the bill’s objective is to combat immorality and shield residents from undue noise disruptions.

Mr Imwatok introduced the motion last week, aiming to address a concerning trend.

“There has been an alarming rise in the organization of street parties resembling reggae concerts within residential zones,” Imwatok submitted.

“These events often coincide with various criminal activities, instances of immorality, drug abuse, resident muggings, and excessive noise pollution.”

Makongeni MCA Peter Imwatok

The ward rep mentioned that the enactment of tha bill would ensure that residential areas are no longer subjected to the moral hazards often associated with street parties.

“T’m very happy with my fellow MCAs for feeling the sense of illegality versus people’s rights. I am a reggae fan but doing the same in residential areas is unlawful, we have clubs,” Imwatok said.

Imwatok, also serving as the chair of the ad hoc committee on revenue collection in Nairobi County, vowed to ensure the enforcement and adherence of the newly passed legislation.

“Nairobi County Government must now move with speed to enforce this ban. They don’t have any (other) choice but to ensure that it is done, so that we can protect our children.”

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