Kasarani Apartment Tragedy: Autopsy Results Consistent with Fall from 10th Floor

March 8, 2024

A postmortem conducted on Juanitor Mbula Nzomo, 20, revealed that she succumbed to injuries sustained from falling off the balcony of a tenth-floor apartment in Thome, Kasarani, Nairobi.

The young woman’s lifeless body was discovered on the ground floor of the building on Saturday, March 2, where she had spent the previous night.

Dr. Peter Muriuki, who performed the autopsy on the deceased on Tuesday, March 5, reported that Ms. Nzomo experienced multiple force trauma injuries, consistent with a fall from a significant height. The autopsy took place at the City Mortuary in the presence of both the police and the family.

Half-naked at the time of the incident, the woman fell from the 10th floor of the White House apartments, with only a red T-shirt on when her body was recovered.

Primary Suspect

Witnesses reported hearing her pleas for help from the balcony before the fall. Investigations established that she had been in the company of a man identified as Lawrence Gitonga.

Mr Gitonga, currently hospitalized, informed the police that the lady had allegedly stabbed him. The 33-year-old man, regarded as the primary suspect by detectives, was found in the bathroom with eight stab wounds.

The origin of their dispute is yet to be determined but it has been disclosed that the two initially met at a joint located within Mirema Drive in Kasarani on Friday night.

The two were then seen dropping off a friend before proceeding to the White House apartments and later to a nearby bar, where they continued drinking inside a car.

At approximately 3 am on Saturday, the pair checked into the short-stay apartment they had previously booked.

Detectives are currently investigating whether she was thrown or jumped to her death.

Nairobi region police commander Adamson Bungei confirmed that detectives are awaiting Gitonga’s stabilization before questioning him and recording his statement.

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