Eviction Notice Issued to Tenants in Six Nairobi Estates for Affordable Housing Project

March 1, 2024

The national government has granted tenants residing in six Eastlands estates in Nairobi a minimum of 60 days to evacuate their homes.

Housing PS Charles Hinga, in a notice, stated that the estates are earmarked for the Affordable Housing Program.

“Pursuant to this, several old estates have been identified for redevelopment to increase rental stock, avail houses for sale to citizens at affordable rates, and create job opportunities for the youth,” reads the notice

Consequently, PS Hinga highlighted the necessity of evacuating all tenants immediately to facilitate the redevelopment of the houses in these government estates.

Tenants are mandated to prepare and relinquish the houses they currently occupy to the Director of Estate Management in vacant possession by April 30, 2024.

Nevertheless, tenants will only be permitted to vacate once they have settled all outstanding rent arrears, utility bills, and service charges.

Priority for purchasing or renting a house after the redevelopment is finalized will be given to those tenants who have already evacuated the six estates.

Jogoo Road Phase I and II, Jamaa, Mbotela, Ahero, and Mawenzi Gardens are among the estates affected.

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