EACC Secures Freezing Orders for Land Registrar Possessing 17 Vehicles, 106 High-Value Properties, and Ksh4.6 Million in Cash

March 13, 2024

On Tuesday, March 12, 2024, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) secured court orders to freeze Thika Land Registrar Felix Mecha Nyakundi’s multi-billion wealth for six months.

High Court Judge Esther Maina granted permission to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to retain possession of 17 high-end vehicles, cash, and prime properties located on 106 pieces of land scattered throughout the country.

The antigraft watchdog contends that Nyakundi’s multi-billion wealth was obtained through corrupt means and advocates for its forfeiture to the government.

“That pending the conclusion of the investigations, there is an urgent need to preserve the said assets by prohibiting the transfer or disposal or any other dealing with the said properties,” the EACC said through lawyer Mr Nyoike.

EACC also alleged that the senior land registrar corruptly amassed Kes.4.6 million in cash, confiscated during officers’ raid on his residence and offices.

Additionally, a substantial quantity of title deeds for land, motor vehicles, and bank accounts were also seized.

EACC Application

In the application submitted on Friday, March 8, under a Certificate of Urgency, the EACC informed the High Court that Nyakundi has amassed substantial wealth that his known legitimate sources of income cannot justify.

Advocate Nyoike also told the Court that the EACC was concerned about the possibility of the official transferring the properties, selling them at a loss, and thereby compromising the recovery process unless the preservation orders are granted.

“It is therefore necessary to prohibit any dealings with the above-mentioned assets while the Commission is concluding its investigations in order to avoid a situation where the investigations and the intended recovery or restitution proceedings may be complicated or rendered nugatory altogether,” the lawyer submitted for the EACC.

In her ruling, the Judge affirmed her satisfaction that the EACC presented a compelling case for granting the freezing orders, ensuring the safeguarding of assets until the conclusion of the ongoing investigations into allegations of embezzlement of public funds, abuse of office, and unexplained wealth.

“We intend to analyse the documents seized in the course of the search and we have reasonable apprehension that in view of the above discovery and ongoing investigations, the said properties are at risk of being transferred, sold, encumbered or otherwise wasted, thereby jeopardising the recovery,” said the Commission.

Justice Maina’s orders prohibit Felix Mecha Nyakundi, implicated family members, and associates, whether directly or through their agents or servants, from selling, transferring, disposing of, wasting, charging, or otherwise dealing with the 106 properties and 17 motor vehicles for the next six months.

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