MP Salasya Risks Losing Landcruiser as Auctioneers Move in to Recover Sh500,000 Debt

February 15, 2024

Mumias East MP could lose his slightly over a year-old Toyota Landcruiser V8 for failing to clear a Kes. 565,712 debt owed to businessman Robert Lutta.

A court order obtained by auctioneers empowers them to sell the lawmaker’s assets to settle the outstanding debt, including accrued interests and legal expenses.

In a ruling dated November 27 last year,  Magistrate Gladys Kiama of Kakamega gave Salasya one month to settle the outstanding but nearly three months later the controversial MP has yet to fulfill his obligations.

This prompted Armok Auctioneers, on behalf of Robert Lutta, to seek a warrant of attachment to auction Salasya’s property should he fail to settle the debt.

Arnold Ombonya, an auctioneer attached to Armok, said the warrant was obtained on February 7 and subsequently served to Salasya on Tuesday, February 13.

If Salasya does not settle the debt within seven days, Armok Auctioneers will move to auction his car, valued in the region of Kes.10 million.

“We obtained a warrant of attachment. When we get the warrant, we usually send the notice (to the defaulter). In this case, we summoned the MP on February 13 which was yesterday. When the seven days lapse and if he will not have paid, we will go for what we proclaimed. Basically, we proclaimed his car,” said Ombonya.

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