Man Fatally Shot While Assaulting Officer Who Intervened to Prevent Matricide Attempt

February 22, 2024

On Tuesday, a 22-year-old man met his death when he assaulted a police officer attempting to intervene in his attempt to harm his 68-year-old mother at their residence in Chekata, Kakamega County.

The man’s elder brother informed Navakholo Police Station that Ian Wanjala had equipped himself with a machete, knife, and hoe, posing a threat to their mother’s life.

Responding to the distress call, the Officer Commanding the Station (OCS) led a team to the scene and found the armed suspect in pursuit of his mother.

According to a police report, officers intervened to pacify the suspect, but he redirected his aggression towards the OCS, attempting to strike him on the head with the hoe.

“The OCS evaded the aim, blocking with his right hand there by sustaining two broken fingers and unfortunately fell to the ground while attempting to escape. The suspect cornered him and again aimed with the jembe but before striking the OCS fired a warning round in the air,” a police report read in part.

The suspect reportedly continued to attack the officer who then discharged a shot, striking the young man in the chest.

The suspect and the OCS were rushed to Navakholo Sub-County Hospital. Unfortunately, the suspect was declared dead upon arrival, while the OCS, having received first aid treatment, was transferred to Kakamega County General Referral Hospital.

The deceased’s body was transported to the facility’s mortuary, awaiting a post-mortem examination.

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