Kindiki, Bore Ranked Top CSs With Most Local Engagements

February 7, 2024

A new finding from a Tifa survey released Wednesday has ranked Interior and National Administration Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki at the forefront of local engagements among Cabinet Secretaries in 2023, with a remarkable 192 local activities to his name.

The soft spoken CS has largely avoided controversy, and is regularly ranked as one of the top performers in the Kenya Kwanza government.

These findings underscore Kindiki’s proactive approach in addressing internal matters across the nation, mostly in dangerous parts of the country.

Not far behind, Labour CS Florence Bore recorded 185 activities in 2023, while Water CS Zachary Njeru engaged in 165 activities, both in his current docket and his previous housing docket.

The survey analyzed a total of 2,741 activities by Cabinet Secretaries throughout the year, noting that a mere 203 were foreign travels, indicating a strong focus on domestic issues.

Further highlighting Kindiki’s commitment to internal matters, the survey detailed his extensive travels across all corners of the country, with visits to 41 out of 47 counties in 2023.

This was the highest number of county visits among the Cabinet Secretaries, with CS Bore and CS Njeru following with visits to 36 and 27 counties respectively.

The Tifa survey gathered data from January to December 2023, drawing from a range of sources including news platforms, and the social media pages of ministries and individual Cabinet Secretaries.

Tom Wolf, Tifa’s lead researcher, commented on Kindiki’s active engagement in county visits, suggesting that his hands-on approach is essential for a comprehensive understanding of security issues within the country.

According to Wolf, Kindiki’s extensive travels come with the office, and are essential for him to tackle insecurity in the country.

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