Kihika Summoned to Account for Ongoing War Memorial Hospital Controversy

February 26, 2024

The Senate Committee on Health has summoned Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika regarding the ongoing saga surrounding War Memorial Hospital in Nakuru.

As services at the hospital remain paralyzed for the second consecutive month, the Senate has called on all involved parties to provide them with the ownership documents.

The Senate Committee’s action comes as the dispute between the county and the hospital management persists, with the latter accused of disregarding six court orders.

Last week, Chief Justice Martha Koome criticized the County’s top officers for persistently disobeying court orders, revealing that judges handling the case had faced threats.

Nakuru Senator Tabitha Karanja Keroche stated that the committee is determined to gather information from all parties involved in the hospital, which has garnered negative attention. She mentioned having filed a petition with the Senate after the county assumed control of the facility that has been providing treatment to dialysis patients for several years.

“All parties involved in this saga including the Governor have been summoned by the Senate so that the truth can be known,” she said.

Job Losses

Addressing the press, the vocal Karanja highlighted that over 300 workers had lost their jobs due to the ongoing disputes. She emphasized the critical role of the hospital in the health sector and expressed her commitment to advocating for its reopening to alleviate the suffering of patients.

The Senator pointed an accusing finger at Governor Susan Kihika and the County Police commander for the continued closure of the hospital.

“I was shocked when the Governor met religious leaders and openly and without shame lied about the hospital which continues to remain in the hands of goons,” said the Keroche Breweries founder.

The Senator warned that failure to comply with court orders spelled doom for the country, adding that this had set a bad precedent and eroded investors’ confidence.

“As a senator for Nakuru, I am afraid that my people’s frustrations have reached fever pitch point and I can feel their frustration.”

“If nothing is urgently done to bring back our county to the rule, I am afraid our people have been left with no options than to exercise the power given to them by article One of the Constitution,” she said.

Last week, a group of men raided the hospital’s mortuary and stole a body that had been held in the facility over a debt exceeding Kes.900,000.

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