First Lady Rachel Ruto Unveils Initiative to Plant 500 Million Trees by 2032

February 28, 2024

The First Lady, Mama Rachel Ruto, officially launched the First Lady’s Landscape and Ecosystem Restoration Strategy and implementation plan to grow 500 million trees.

The strategy, aligned with the President’s vision to grow 15 billion trees by 2032, will fast-track its realization. The implementation plan actively involves women, youth, and learners. It advocates for green financing to bridge funding gaps in restoration activities, integrates agroforestry, promotes green jobs and nature-based enterprises, and encourages the participation of women and youth in the green and circular economies.

During the testing and validation process, approximately 3 million trees have been grown in forests and learning institutions.

Furthermore, the First Lady has adopted 200 hectares (500 acres) at Kakamega Forest in Shikusa Block for restoration.

This adoption set the foundation for similar adoptions by spouses of County Governors and Members of Parliament nationwide, with technical support from the Office of The First Lady and the Kenya Forest Service.

Mama Rachel Ruto encouraged all like-minded stakeholders to unite in support of Kenya’s tree-growing efforts.

“Connecting with like-minded organisations and individuals strengthens our impact and fosters a shared vision for a sustainable future.

“By joining hands, we can amplify our impact on a national scale, maximise resources, leverage the strengths of our partners, and create a domino effect that propels us towards our ambitious goal of growing 500 million trees,” said the First Lady.

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