Despite Cries by Kenyans, New Passport Machines Already in Nairobi Awaiting ‘Ceremonial Launch’

February 1, 2024

Give it to Kenyan leaders to congratulate themselves for the smallest of accomplishments.

Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura on Thursday revealed that passport machines desperately needed right now, have already been procured and are actually in Nairobi.

Logic would dictate that the machines would be acquired, installed and operationalized quickly, silently and shamefacedly owing to all the agony Kenyans have gone through. But no, the Cabinet Secretary’s schedule will dictate when they start working.

“You will soon be seeing the Interior Cabinet Secretary launching it soon because they are already in town and Kenyans have no cause to worry,” the Spokesperson said.

Kenyans have been sharing their stories on social media, recounting the months they have been waiting for their passports. Some applied over a year ago and are yet to receive this crucial travel document.

On top of the delays, many Kenyans with urgent travel plans eg. for education and medication have been forced to cough up huge bribes so that their passports can be expedited.

The current passport backlog is estimated to be over 100,000, with Mwaura promising that they’ve all being printed and a set for issuance soon. He did not explain why they can’t be issued now.

The government spokesperson further did not elaborate on when the Cabinet Secretary’s schedule will clear up, so that Kenyans can start planning their trips.

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