Athletics Kenya (AK) Installs Air Quality Sensor in Iten, the Home of Champions

February 5, 2024

In collaboration with the Stockholm Environment Institute of Africa, Athletics Kenya (AK) has unveiled an air quality sensor at St. Patrick’s Iten. The goal is to guarantee that athletes training in the area are exposed to a clean environment free from pollution.

Dr. Philip Osano, the Institute Director, emphasized that the sensor will measure air impurity levels, which can lead to illnesses. This initiative aims not only to benefit athletes but also to safeguard the health of residents in the region.

During the launch, the Director mentioned that the sensor would indicate when the air pollution levels are high. In such instances, those involved would need to investigate the cause and find a solution.

Dr. Osano stressed the significance of installing the sensor on World Wetlands Day, emphasizing that just as humans protect their lungs, they should also protect wetlands, which he referred to as the earth’s lungs.

He pointed out that there were elevated levels of plastic pollution and other chemicals that make their way into the river system.

“Because the earth system is connected, when we have impurities in the air, the same are deposited in the soil and finally find their way into the wetlands. When the earth is not healthy, we are also not healthy,” he said.

The Director highlighted that the sensor can serve as an educational tool for students. Chemistry students can learn about measuring air impurities, physics students can study the gadget itself, and humanities students can explore the impact on the environment.

AK President, Jackson Tuwei, emphasized the ongoing urbanization in Iten and the necessity for such equipment to guarantee a clean environment for the hundreds of athletes training in the county.

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