Asige’s Disability Bill Proposes Monthly Stipend and Tax Exemptions for PWDs and their Guardians

February 22, 2024

Should the Senate pass the Persons With Disabilities Bill, 2023, Kenyans with disabilities and their guardians might experience significant relief in their livelihoods.

On Wednesday, the House unanimously approved several amendments aimed at enhancing the welfare of specific Persons With Disabilities (PWDs). A clause was introduced in the Bill, through a 33-0 vote, proposing a Kes.150,000 tax exemption for parents and legal guardians of persons with disabilities.

The newly added clause specifies, “The Cabinet Secretary for Finance may, upon application, issue an income tax exemption certificate of up to Kes.150,000 to a parent or legal guardian of a person with severe disability.”

Nevertheless, the bill stipulates that to qualify for the exemption, individuals must undergo a medical assessment confirming the severity of the disability, compelling the parent or guardian to provide full-time care.

Monthly Stipend for Caregivers

Moreover, the bill introduces another provision proposing a monthly stipend of not less than Kes.10,000 for parents or legal guardians who serve as full-time caregivers, to be administered through a social protection program.

To be eligible for the stipend, individuals must apply through the Cabinet Secretary responsible for social protection.

“A parent or legal guardian who is indigent and assumes custody as the full-time caregiver of such person with severe disability may apply to the Cabinet Secretary for Social Protection to be granted access to the monthly cash transfer programs with a minimum of 10,000 Kenya shillings,” the bill reads in part.

The bill, sponsored by nominated Senator Crystal Asige, additionally assigns the responsibility to the Cabinet Secretary, in collaboration with the National Council for Persons With Disabilities (NCPWD), to formulate regulations for the effective implementation of the proposed amendments.

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