You’ll Now Access These 9 Judiciary Services at Huduma Centre… Mention Dates, Summons, Divorce etc..

January 25, 2024

The Judiciary in Kenya has expanded its services to the public by integrating nine essential judicial services at various Huduma Centres across the country.

This development, announced in a notice on January 24, 2024, is set to enhance the accessibility of justice services starting January 29, 2024.

“Starting January 29, 2024, Kenyans can now access nine essential judicial services conveniently from various Huduma Centres across the country. Your access to justice just got more accessible,” a notice from Huduma Centre read.

The services will only be available at select Huduma Centres in and around Nairobi, before hopefully being rolled out nationwide.

Huduma Centres Offering Judicial Services

  • * GPO Nairobi
  • * City Square
  • * Makadara
  • * Kibra
  • * Eastleigh
  • * Thika

Available Judicial Services at Huduma Centre

A range of critical services will be accessible at these Huduma Centres. These include:

  • * Filing new civil cases
  • * Document filing in existing cases
  • * Requesting and issuance of mention dates
  • * General case inquiries
  • * Virtual court support
  • * Requesting for issuance of summons to enter appearance
  • * Notice to appear in divorce cases
  • * Extracting court orders, decrees, certified/uncertified proceedings, and copies of rulings and judgments
  • * e-Filing support including account creation, recovery, password resetting, system navigation, and using the Judiciary Public Information Kiosk

This initiative by the Judiciary, as Huduma Kenya stated, is aimed at making access to justice more convenient for Kenyans.

The integration of these services into Huduma Centres is a significant step towards improving the efficiency and reach of judicial services across the country.

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