Jeremiah Kioni Reveals How Jubilee will Stop Kenya Kwanza from Stealing Mt.Kenya Votes

January 23, 2024

Jeremiah Kioni, the Secretary-General of the Jubilee party, has disclosed a specific plan to counter President William Ruto’s potential efforts to “steal” votes in the Mt. Kenya region during the 2027 General Election.

According to Kioni, the vote-rich Central Kenya was extensively manipulated to rig the 2022 polls, with the Jubilee party being misled by their agents stationed at the polling stations.

“Because it was a Jubilee government there was the thinking that civil servants would continue supporting the government or would have done what they had been requested to do that is to ensure that agents are within the party,” he said Spice FM on Monday.

Kioni added: “Mt. Kenya was heavily used to rig the elections and one of the reasons is because we in Jubilee also relied on structures that did not belong to the party.”

In his 2027 plan, Kioni stated that Jubilee intends to deploy volunteer agents to oversee their votes at various polling stations. He highlighted employing a similar strategy in 2007 when he successfully contested and won the Ndaragua parliamentary seat.

“That is how it will be in Mt. Kenya in 2027. Even if William (President Ruto) will be Chebukati in Mt. Kenya they will not steal those votes. Hawataiba,” he vowed.

Kioni additionally expressed confidence that Ruto would not garner the same level of support from the Mt. Kenya region, emphasizing that the residents have become disillusioned with his leadership.

“The people who will force the guy out is Mt. Kenya. The percentage of people who have said enough is enough is beyond anything we had imagined sometime last year.”

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