Government Announces 10,000 Jobs for Kenyans in Russia; 30,000 in Israel

January 10, 2024

The Ruto administration has announced even more potential openings for Kenyans seeking to work abroad.

On Tuesday, State House spokesperson Hussein Mohamed announced the start of applications for Kenyan nurses seeking to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 2,500 slots have been made available to Kenyan nurses, with salaries ranging from Ksh92,000 to Ksh147,000, depending on qualifications.

You can check whether you qualify and how to apply on our guide here.

Meanwhile, the government has revealed that even more openings are available for Kenyans in coming weeks, starting with 3,000 farm jobs in Israel available in March.

In total, the number of agricultural jobs in Israel set aside for Kenyans are 30,000.

Serbia has also allocated 20,000 job openings for Kenyans seeking to work in construction, while Russia has 10,000 openings for Kenyans, although it is unclear in what fields.

These are on top of the 250,000 potential job openings in Germany, announced by the president months ago.

Writing on X on Tuesday, Hussein Mohamed said:

More opportunities also on the horizon after the conclusion of bilateral labor agreements:

– Germany: 250,000 jobs.
– Israel: 30,000 jobs in agriculture, with 3,000 available by March this year.
– Serbia: 20,000 jobs in construction and services.
– Russia: 10,000 jobs.

The President is committed to promote Kenya as an investment, manufacturing, trade, and tourism destination, positioning it as a competitive source of professional, skilled, and semi-skilled labor.”

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