EACC: Kenyans Found With Fake Academic Papers To Pay Back Salary for Period Worked

January 23, 2024

Bishop David Oginde, the chairman of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), has expressed serious concerns regarding the increasing use of counterfeit academic certificates for securing employment.

Speaking in Kisumu on Monday, Oginde emphasized that this practice is undermining the strides made in the education sector.

Bishop Oginde issued a stern warning to those who have obtained jobs through fraudulent means.

He stated that the law would eventually catch up with such individuals, and they would be obligated to return all earnings, including salaries and assets, accumulated during the period of their employment.

“We will have to recover all the money you got through that process, even if you worked 20 years, we will want all the money you earned during that time,” he declared.

Oginde also touched on the issue of land grabbing, noting the alarming rate at which such cases are being reported. The EACC, he said, is closely monitoring these situations and has implemented strategies to curb this illegal activity.

“We want to see a situation where Kenyans own property that is rightfully theirs,” Oginde added, underscoring the importance of legal property ownership.

His comments came following a meeting with Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o.

The EACC chair highlighted the collaboration between the commission and the Kisumu county government, aiming to legally recover public land that has been unlawfully seized.

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