Chinese Investors Launch Property Developers Association, Declare Kenya “Our Second Home”

January 23, 2024

Chinese investors officially launched an association of property developers from China to be based in Kenya last week. They unveiled the Chinese Property Developers Association(Kenya) in Nairobi on Thursday.

The launch of the association is expected to enhance property development in the country. It is anticipated to address the needs of the sector, ensuring properties are well-planned, organized, and cost-effective.

The Association’s President, Zhang Jiaping, said the association will serve as a platform to benefit society and humanity.

“We will take promoting the healthy development of the real estate industry as our mission and strive to provide better and more sustainable housing products,” he said.

Zhang stated that the association will operate in accordance with government approvals and construct based on approved drawings. He further indicated that CPDA-K will guarantee the best quality of structures while delivering high-quality housing to Kenyans.

“The Association will ensure construction safety and provide a good working environment for employees,” added Zhang.

At the same time, the President emphasized that the association will strive to safeguard the rights and interests of property owners.

“We will cooperate with the government’s industry management and standardize the real estate market. The association will strive to become a leader in industry development, promote industry standards, and protect the rights and interests of citizens and partners,” he said

“The Chinese developers will build units whose prices are not expensive. It will be at a level which people can afford,” added Gao Wei, the chairman of the Kenya Overseas Chinese Association.

Governor Sakaja Welcomes Chinese Property Developers to Nairobi

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja welcomed KCDA to launch operations in Kenya’s capital. He said they have proven that they can handle development control, environmental concerns, and opportunities.

This, he added, will ensure order for the benefit of the growing city, its residents, and investors.

“I met with the leadership of the association a few days ago and we agreed to work together to ensure the future of the city and planning is done well. It is our role to ensure that standards are adhered to, to avoid illegal development in the city. I call upon all developers to ensure their structures align strictly with the city’s vision, and ensure safety and aesthetic standards,” Sakaja said.

“It is unfortunate that we have seen some buildings in the city of Nairobi and the surrounding areas collapsing due to structural issues, and this is often due to unscrupulous developers disengaging the services of key professionals. I know the Chinese are not that kind of developers,” the County boss added.

Meanwhile, the Association noted that it will also actively engage in social welfare undertakings. Recently, its members raised more than Ksh. 11 million, which was utilized to purchase various items for Kenyans in need.

“Kenya is our second home. We have grown and developed in this land. We will actively participate in public welfare undertakings and give back to the local society,” CPDA-K President Zhang Jiaping.

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