Atwoli Names State Parastatals Responsible for the Hardships Facing Kenyans

January 25, 2024

The Secretary-General of the Central Organisation of Trade Unions-Kenya (COTU-K), Francis Atwoli, accused several institutions of allegedly being reluctant to address the sorry state of affairs in the country.

During a public address on Wednesday, Atwoli lamented the continuous increase in challenges faced by Kenyan workers, asserting that the institutions responsible for resolving their obstacles have remained tight-lipped.

Atwoli asserted that the government should devise an appropriate solution to reduce the high cost of living, address soaring debt, tackle high unemployment and taxation, and confront the deeply entrenched corruption, among other factors that are impeding the nation’s development.

The outspoken trade unionist consequently criticized the National Treasury, the Directorate of Debt Management in the National Treasury, and the Directorate of Budget, Fiscal, and Economic Affairs of the National Treasury for their failure to curb the escalating debt, the high cost of living, and the depreciation of the Kenyan shilling.

“Where is the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) when corruption is the order of the day in Kenya?

“Where is the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection when many Kenyans remain unemployed and redundancy becomes the order of the day in Kenya?”  Atwoli posed.

He stated the aforementioned institutions and other public bodies should be held accountable, suggesting that those who fail to fulfill their mandates should be disbanded.

Atwoli’s 5-Point Proposal for Economic Recovery

Atwoli proposed a five-point strategy that he believes will contribute to the recovery of the country’s economy. The COTU boss urged the government to adopt effective and efficient stakeholder engagements throughout the entire development process to foster value creation and innovation.

“In fact, stakeholder engagement is an effective governance tool as it promotes trust and control by the people as decisions come from them,” he said.

Atwoli additionally recommended the building, restoring, and sustaining a strong investor confidence strategy which he says will largely attract more investors to the nation who will ultimately boost the economic overturn of every sector.

The COTU boss also advocated for the establishment, restoration, and maintenance of a robust strategy to enhance investor confidence. He believes that such a strategy would significantly attract more investors to the nation, ultimately bolstering the economic growth of every sector.

Atwoli further called on the government to construct and bolster strong, effective, and inclusive institutions to facilitate the realization of the nation’s Vision 2030. He emphasized the importance of incorporating research into the entire development process, advocating for the involvement of both public and private institutions to monitor and evaluate sustainable avenues that will ensure the longevity of a stable economy.

Finally, he advised the government to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to corruption, arguing that this menace has afflicted the nation for the past six decades.

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