10 Best Universities for Nursing in Kenya

January 29, 2024

Nursing education in Kenya is valuable beyond academics because it plays a critical role in healthcare.

This post meticulously selects Kenya’s top 10 nursing universities.

The chosen schools have top-notch faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and unique educational experiences.

They offer a strong theoretical foundation and practical application for today’s healthcare issues.

Discover Kenya’s top nursing schools, where each university’s unique features are taught and lived. Starting this profession requires the correct education. Use this guidance for a rewarding career.

Benefits of Kenyan Nursing Study

Studying in Kenya has many benefits beyond the classroom.

The programs in the country offer a blend of in-depth academic learning and practical, hands-on experiences.

This method prepares graduates comprehensively for the various challenges in healthcare.

It equips students with essential knowledge, enhances critical thinking, and develops problem-solving skills.

The Kenyan and global need for qualified nurses is rising.

Healthcare systems and populations are changing, making well-trained, empathetic nurses more important.

Kenyan graduates are in demand internationally due to their qualifications and expertise.

This growing need gives students multiple career options and job security.

Essential Skills for Aspiring Nurses

To excel in nursing, a challenging yet rewarding field, aspiring nurses must learn key skills.

First, effective communication is essential for clear, compassionate interactions with patients, family members, and healthcare providers.

Another vital skill is critical thinking, enabling quick responses in high-stress situations. Additionally, problem-solving ability is crucial for handling complex clinical scenarios.

Attention to detail is crucial, even small inaccuracies can significantly impact patient care.

Good organisational skills are also necessary to manage the complex aspects of medical practices. Moreover, emotional intelligence is key, as it enables providing comforting care to patients and their families during tough times.

Strong composing competencies are essential for the nurses to express the profound medical ideas, plan of care in paragraphs and research findings clearly.

In this practical context, academic proficiency, especially in nursing essay writing, plays a significant role.

Given this demand, many students search for help online from the services such as PapersOwl.

These resources make life easier and help produce structured, articulate essays and research papers. Moreover, it expands the writing skills and develops the eloquence in representing the patients.

Combining interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and attention to detail, academic strength forms the basis of a successful career.

Resources like PapersOwl are crucial in developing these abilities. They ensure future nurses are well-prepared for the profession’s challenges.

Overview: Top 10 Universities

Kenya has a great variety of nursing schools. Superior programmes at these top 10 universities combine expert faculty, innovative methods teachers use, and advanced facilities. 

1. Nairobi University

The University of Nairobi’s nursing programme emphasises theory and practice.

The institution prepares students for different healthcare situations by exposing them to contemporary healthcare practices and research with experienced professors. Students use cutting-edge medical gear at its modern facilities.

2. Moi University

Nursing at Moi University is known for its committed staff and comprehensive curriculum, which emphasises patient care, research, and community health.

The university’s advanced labs and clinical training facilities give students real-world healthcare experience. Holistic students should choose this programme.

3. Kenyatta University

The Kenyatta University nursing programme is both practical and intellectual.

Renowned researchers and clinicians teach students about new healthcare trends and practices. The latest simulation laboratories and clinical facilities guarantee a complete learning experience.

4. Jomo Kenyatta Agriculture and Technology University

This nursing-tech university offers a distinct healthcare viewpoint. Its tech-savvy approach prepares graduates for the digital healthcare revolution.

Modern, well-equipped facilities show the dedication of college to integrating technology into healthcare teaching.

5. Maseno University

The Maseno University nursing programme emphasises community health and clinical practice. Students learn to work in rural and neglected healthcare regions.

The program offers community-based training modules and modern clinical facilities, ideal for those passionate about community healthcare.

6. Kisumu Great Lakes University

Great Lakes University’s nursing school, responding to increasing healthcare needs, develops skills in clinical expertise and community health.

It’s a top choice for future healthcare workers. The curriculum covers current health challenges, and the facilities provide real-world clinical training. 

7. Mount Kenya University

Mount Kenya University’s programme emphasises whole-person care. Contemporary teaching facilities and competent instructors provide a well-rounded education.

The university’s hands-on instruction prepares students for practice.

8. Egerton University

Nursing at Egerton University emphasises research and evidence-based practice. The academically focused institution provides an ideal setting for advanced training.

Current facilities and research methods give students a complete grasp of procedures.

9. Kenya Methodist University

Kenya Methodist University’s Meru nursing programme emphasises compassion and ethics.

The programme prepares students for diverse healthcare contexts by combining theory and practice. The faculty’s ethical approach to education produces trained and compassionate carers.

10. Strathmore University

Strathmore University in Nairobi provides an ethical and scholarly nursing programme. It develops well-rounded healthcare workers.

The university’s resources promote science and art studies.

Each school teaches and motivates students to improve healthcare in Kenya and beyond.

Career Opportunities after Graduation

After graduating from one of these prestigious Kenyan institutions, there are many fulfilling ways to work as a nurse.

After finishing the program, graduates can explore job opportunities in diverse healthcare areas. These include specialised units like paediatric, cancer, or critical care and roles such as registered nurses and clinical officers.

They can also work in community health centres.

Nurses are vital in public health, contributing to health education, epidemiology, and policymaking.

For those keen on further education, opportunities abound in teaching and research. Graduates can anticipate dynamic careers in healthcare administration, consultancy, and medical technology innovation.

These fields are integral to the evolving landscape of healthcare. 


Selecting a top nursing school in Kenya is a crucial step for a fulfilling, flexible career in healthcare.

Graduates from these schools are well-equipped to impact patient care and global health significantly. They gain a solid education, real-world experience, and various career choices.   

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