Why Ssaru Won’t Date or Marry a Fellow Celebrity

December 19, 2023

Sylvia Ssaru, also known as Ssaru Wa Manyaru, has effectively ruled out dating or marrying a fellow celebrity.

In the three years she has been in the limelight, Ssaru said that if there is one decision that could go wrong for her music career and herself, it would be marrying another high-profile person in the showbiz industry.

According to the sensational femcee, marrying a fellow celebrity is akin to a death sentence.

“Heh! Did you have to ask me that? It is like signing your own death warrant. The history I have with these so-called celebrities would kill you. To be honest, I wouldn’t even consider marrying a celebrity, let alone going out with one. No matter how good you are and how pure your intentions are, if you are a celebrity, you are automatically out,” she asserted.

Ssaru mentioned that being in the same industry and dealing with all that comes with it doesn’t create a conducive environment for celebrity relationships to thrive.

“I don’t want to get into it too much, but from my experience, celebrity relationships don’t work for me. The character development I had to go through, but of course, I also had to pay back. You can see why it doesn’t work,” she said as quoted by Nation.

Exploitation of Aspiring Musicians

Ssaru also opened up about the exploitation of aspiring musicians by top celebrities and key players in the music industry, noting that it is widespread.

“People are promised so much just to be trapped and get laid. Especially these celebrities with big names, they have nothing to offer but empty promises of how they will show you the way, by the time you realise you have shown them other ways too.”

She asserted that these individuals are the worst to depend on when you are an upcoming musician.

Ssaru further pointed out; “I feel that the girls are also to blame because they fall for these empty promises so easily. Besides, it’s all about how you present yourself and it’s become a culture with these top celebrities because they’re used to it. Once they see that you are naive and actually supported, they will come after you.”

Ssaru highlighted that one notable example is the promise of collaborations with top artistes.

“Someone will promise you that they will help you organise a collabo with, let’s say, Harmonize. Before you know it, you end up in an AirBnB in Kilimani just to get you a collabo. Trust me, the collabo will never happen, but he will feast on you,” she warned.

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