The Uprise of E-Gaming in Kenya

December 14, 2023

the rise of egaming in KenyaOnline gaming and eSports have drastically risen in popularity in 2023.

Recently, both industries have been growing in popularity in Africa. Quite a few countries from the continent now have a pretty vibrant and exciting gaming culture and industry.

One such country is Kenya. The gaming industry in Kenya is so popular that it even rivals some European countries.

They are twelfth in Africa in terms of success in eSports and 125th worldwide. Not only that, but the Kenyan online gambling industry has also seen a drastic rise recently.

Online Gambling in Kenya

We first need to answer whether gambling is legal in Kenya. Fortunately for both residents and visitors who like to spin the reels, both land-based and online gambling is perfectly legal in the country. However, online casinos do need to meet a few stipulations.

For one thing, they need to be licensed. Licensing ensures that online casinos are safe, reliable, and, most importantly, fair.

The Kenyan Gambling Commission is primarily responsible for licensing in the country, but players can also visit offshore casinos that internationally-acclaimed organizations license.

Gamblers in Kenya use online casino credit card deposit methods to place wagers on their favorite games.

It seems, however, that gamers tend to value gambling a little bit more.

They are likelier to gamble at online casinos and place bets on eSports. So, let us look at the gaming culture in Kenya and see how it relates to gambling.

Online Gaming in Kenya

Until recently, most African countries were not even considered for online gaming.

Europeans, North Americans, and Asians predominantly dominated the culture. However, there has been a boom in online gaming in Kenya lately.

The African country has propelled itself to the top tiers in the continent and the top 150 in the world.

Part of the reason for the success of Kenyan gamers has to do with online games. While it is true that most of the games that shaped the industry have been single-player games, online games are the main thing on the market today.

Most gamers love interacting with like-minded people, competing in friendly games, and even taking it to the next level and going pro.

eSports in Kenya

e-Gaming, or eSports, is a catch-all term that refers to the professional gaming scene.

Players from all over the world practice for days to become the best players. They join teams, play in tournaments, and have training regiments, much like a proper athlete might.

In Kenya, eSports have only been growing in popularity.

Fans love watching them, and pro gamers are becoming more common in the country. In terms of their rankings, they have yet to achieve much international success.

However, Kenyan gamer clubs are now more frequent than ever. It would not surprise us to see a gamer from the country attain international success.

eSports Betting

The popularity of eSports has caused a massive surge in bets on various tournaments. So much so many online bookies now feature eSports as standard practice.

For a good reason, betting on pro gamer tournaments can be just as fun, exciting, and engaging as betting on proper sports.

Fans of sports betting will already be familiar with how it all works. Bookies set up odds, and punters place wagers. Most bettors in Kenya are interested in the big-name tournaments.

For the interested, the biggest titles in eSports right now are the following:

  •       * Fortnite: an MMO shooter game with different modes and playstyles. Fortnite is popular for featuring characters from different media franchises, such as Marvel Comics, Rick and Morty, and Japanese anime.
  •       * League of Legends: the most popular MOBA game out there, League of Legends recently got a surge in popularity due to the Netflix animated adaptation, Arcane.
  •       * Super Smash Bros.: Possibly the most popular fighter game in eSports, Super Smash Bros is a collaboration between multiple Nintendo properties. You will see Mario, Link, various Pokemon, and more classic Nintendo characters face off in a battle royale.

The Future of Kenyan e-Gaming

We can’t say what the future holds for the Kenyan gaming industry.

However, it is undoubtedly true that it is now bigger and more popular than ever. Video games are only growing in popularity, so seeing the industry grow further in the country would not surprise us.

As we said before, thus far, Kenya has yet to make a splash in the international gaming world.

However, with the popularity of video games, as well as the industry itself flourishing in the country, we can’t say for sure that the next gaming champion isn’t already starting their first game in Kenya.


What is e-Gaming?

e-Gaming, or eSports, is a term that describes professional gaming, which has been getting a lot of attention recently.

What is iGaming?

iGaming, while related, is entirely different. iGaming refers to online gambling, from slots to poker and more.

Is there a link between the two?

As a matter of fact, yes. iGaming and eGaming are somewhat connected, as most gamers tend to like gambling and prefer to do it online. After all, it does feel more like a video game then.

Can I wager on eSports?

Absolutely. eSports have become so popular that most bookies offer odds and even bonuses for fans.

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