Musician Brown Mauzo, born Fredrick Mutinda, has for the first time publicly discussed the end of his marriage to social media personality Vera Sidika.

In an interview with a local daily, Mauzo revealed that his relationship with Vera ended in June 2023, with the official announcement of the breakup made in August 2023.

The singer disclosed that before the ultimate separation, he had left the marriage on several occasions due to various reasons that did not align with his desires.

Despite the complexities, he expresses no regrets, emphasizing the positive aspects of the relationship that brought two beautiful children into their lives.

“It was a great marriage, marked by actions that surpassed anything I had experienced before. Vera did things that surprised and amazed me,” he said as quoted by NTV Kenya.

Mauzo acknowledged that both himself and Vera Sidika bore responsibility for the end of their marriage.

Several factors played a role in the breakdown of the marriage. Throughout the relationship, as time passed, familiarity set in,” he explained.

“After being together for over a year, you become accustomed to each other. For instance, actions that initially seemed intimidating might be perceived as a change in the other person. Everyone has their vulnerabilities, but when it appears that the other person is not meeting expectations, it can lead to fatigue in the relationship.

“This was exactly what happened. Moreover, life often signals that there might be better alternatives outside of the current relationship.”

Taking Vera’s Passport was not the Sole cause of their Breakup

Brown Mauzo also told NTV that the marriage did not end as a result of a single incident. He clarified that taking Vera’s passport was not the sole cause of their breakup.

“Sometimes, individuals entering a relationship are still healing from previous experiences. Before deciding to part ways, various factors usually come into play, rather than a single incident, so I cannot solely attribute the break up to Vera’s actions; both of us played a role in the dissolution of our marriage,” he said.

The musician did however acknowledge that Vera’s activities did take a toll on him.

“We haven’t been flawless, and there were instances when I chose to step away from the marriage. I’ve taken this step multiple times, intending to prevent any harm to either of us. However, she wasn’t in favour of me doing so. During the final instance, I walked away and reached out to her brother, recognising that things weren’t working well,” said the singer.

He added: “I had attempted to maintain composure, but my mental well-being was compromised. Friends used to send me videos and photos of her activities when we were not together, adding to the pressure. 

“Since announcing the breakup, I no longer receive such updates since our friends are aware that we are no longer together.”

Mauzo mentioned that he does not regret his relationship with the socialite.

“God has plans for why it happened like that… Life has to go on. In the same way, she should not regret it,” Mauzo stated.

The singer also pointed out that neither he nor Vera Sidika has initiated divorce proceedings.