Why President Ruto is Better Than Mwai Kibaki – Danstan Omari

December 5, 2023

Prominent city lawyer Danstan Omari on Monday opined that President William Ruto has outshone the late Mwai Kibaki as a president.

Speaking on K24 TV, Omari attributed this assessment to Ruto’s ability to generate increased revenue through various channels, a contrast to the situation during Kibaki’s tenure.

The lawyer noted that Ruto has ventured into avenues that no other Kenyan president had pursued to generate funds for the country.

“If the president truly wishes to draw comparisons with the late Kibaki, I’ll tell everybody for free that the President (William Ruto) is far much better than Kibaki. Shem Ochuodho and Raila Odinga were part of that government. Kibaki did not achieve the revenue levels that President William Ruto is currently achieving.

“The sectors where he has sought additional funds are very virgin. Across every sector, the president is boosting revenue, and as a result, we anticipate that he has a greater financial impact than Kibaki, Uhuru, and Moi did,” Omari averred.

Omari Highlights Only Issue under Ruto’s Leadership

He however pointed out that the primary issue under Ruto’s leadership lies in the manner in which the raised revenue is utilized.

Omari highlighted that while Kibaki took measures to close all avenues susceptible to the misappropriation of public funds, Ruto has not implemented similar safeguards.

He emphasized that due to this oversight, the most significant challenge currently confronting Kenyans, the cost of living, remains unaddressed.

“The sole issue lies in how this money is used. Kibaki increased revenue and effectively closed all avenues for leakage. Not a single coin could be pilfered under Kibaki’s watch,” remarked Omari.

The advocate suggested that President Ruto must implement specific changes if he intends to realize his vision for the country. According to Omari, the first step for the President should be to replace the individuals around him.

He emphasized that the current team surrounding the President is not conducive to achieving his objectives and should be replaced with a more proactive and capable team.

Omari also pointed out that President Ruto is increasingly falling under the influence of Western nations, and it is high time he reconsiders his relationship with them. He noted that the late former President Mwai Kibaki distanced himself from such influences, and similarly, Ruto should follow suit.

“Kibaki ran away from them… we have embraced wholesomely their policies. The president is becoming a captive of the West.”

Omari added that it’s imperative for Ruto to reconsider his affiliation with the West and devise a strategy for the country to generate its own resources and manage them judiciously. He emphasized that the time has come for local solutions to address the challenges facing the country.

“The issue of management, and spending is a Kenyan issue and parliament can help.”

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