‘Social media can drive you crazy’: Ruto Offers Marriage Advice

November 22, 2023

President William Ruto provided a lighthearted moment for the attendees at the wedding of two UDA MPs on Saturday as he shared some words of advice on maintaining a lasting marriage.

Ruto served as the chief guest at the vibrant traditional wedding ceremony of Mathira MP Eric Wamumbi and Murang’a County Woman Representative Betty Maina in Kangare, Murang’a County.

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President Ruto remarked that the intricacies of marriage are challenging, emphasizing the importance of perseverance.

“Mambo ya ndoa ni magumu, lakini lazima unashikilia. Usisikie porojo, usisome simu sana… SMS ni nyingi na inatoka ata kwa wale watu wanataka kuvunja ndoa ya wengine,” Ruto said.

(“Marriage issues are challenging, but you must hold on. Don’t pay attention to gossip, and don’t read text messages too much… there are many SMSes even from those who wish to break up other people’s marriages)

In a lighter vein, the President advised the couple not to overly concentrate on each other’s phones and their social media activities.

“Usisumbuke sana na simu, wachana na simu ya mzee, wachana na simu ya mama, wewe endelea na kazi yako, simu iko na maneno take, sindio jameni? Ukisumbuka kuangalia simu… Hii social media inaweza kufanya ukue wazimu,” he said.

(Don’t get too bothered by phones; leave the husband’s phone, leave the wife’s phone, just focus on your work. Phones have their own conversations, right? If you get preoccupied with checking phones… social media can drive you crazy)

In his congratulatory message, Dr Ruto extended his best wishes to Eric Wamumbi and Betty Maina for a lifetime of happiness.

“Congratulations, Betty and Eric, on your union. May your journey be filled with love, joy, and countless shared moments. I wish you a lifetime of happiness that continues to grow stronger with each passing day,” Ruto said.

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