Danstan Omari Sues for an Additional Ksh.9.8 Million from CS Aisha Jumwa

November 1, 2023

Lawyer Danstan Omari has submitted a new bill of costs at the Mombasa Law Courts, targeting Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa.

In the filed document, the prominent lawyer is seeking Ksh.9,860,000 in legal fees from the Minister of Gender, Culture, Arts, and Heritage for representing her during a murder case.

These charges include expenses related to the High Court criminal case No. E011 of 2020, such as reviewing the state’s affidavit opposing bail, as well as preparing and filing a notice of motion application under a certificate of urgency.

In the aforementioned case, CS Aisha Jumwa faced murder charges before the Director of Public Prosecutions decided to withdraw these charges, and enlisted Jumwa as a prosecution witness.

Danstan Omari has since submitted a bill of costs against CS Jumwa seeking at least Ksh15 million for outstanding legal fees.

The lawyer claims that CS Aisha, whom he represented in a corruption case related to the National Government Constituency Development Funds, owes him Ksh 17.4 million, an amount she purportedly declined to settle.

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