Lulu Hassan Talks Possibility of Quitting News Anchoring, Starting Own TV Station

October 25, 2023

Citizen TV anchor Lulu Hassan recently discussed the prospect of leaving her news anchoring job to concentrate on the TV production company she co-owns with her husband, Rashid Abdalla.

Addressing queries from journalists at the launch of Zari Show on Maisha Magic, Lulu Hassan expressed her enduring passion for journalism, affirming her commitment to the field and her role as a news anchor.

“It is not about leaving our work because we have another job. News anchoring and journalism is something that we all love. Many people may not know this but I was once an actress. Back then, we did not get these platforms,” she said.

Lulu Hassan said her job presented an opportunity to create a platform to showcase acting talents from her Coastal region. She and her husband Rashid Abdalla run Jiffy Productions which has since produced popular shows such as Maria, Zora, Sultana, and Zari.

“What we used to do was stage plays. Acting is in my blood. When I got the opportunity to go on TV. I used that opportunity to attract those I was with back home. We are creating stars and opportunities.”

In response to inquiries about the possibility of opening their own TV station, she said they have not considered that option at the moment. Their current focus is on producing high-quality content and generating job opportunities.

“Owning a TV station is very expensive. We are not there yet and I don’t think we are thinking of anything like that. What we want with Jiffy is to create employment the way we are currently,” she said.

“Everybody has their dream. Those who opened Maisha Magic and Citizen TV had the dream.” 

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