Abel Mutua Blasts NTV for “Nonsense” Report on Sh8.8m Netflix Deal

October 18, 2023

Filmmaker Abel Mutua has not taken kindly to a report by the Nation Media Group claiming that he has secured a Sh8 million deal with Netflix.

The media house, through its various online and social media outlets, reported on Tuesday that Abel Mutua and business partner, director Phillip ‘Phil’ Karanja, are poised to receive a payout of at least $60,000 (Sh8.8 million) from Netflix for the sale of their 2020 movie, ‘Click Click Bang’.

“Veteran film producer Reuben Odanga, known for his notable productions like “Selina,” “Nira,” “Nuru,” “Kiu,” and “Saida,” confirmed the lucrative payment from Netflix,” NTV reported.

Adding: “He revealed that Netflix is set to pay him $60,000 for “Nafsi,” a sum he expressed satisfaction with. He believes that Phil is likely to receive a similar payment for the rerun of ‘Click Click Bang’.”

However, Abel Mutua was quick to put a stop to the rumours, denouncing NTV’s report as nonsensical.

@ntvkenya this is so low of you. Where did you get these figures from? Who has even talked to you about anything?” Mutua posed.

Responding in a social media statement, the former Tahidi High actor asked NTV to pull down the article.

“Style up manze. You of all people should know better. Take down this nonsense please.” Wrote Mutua.

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