President Ruto – We will build Kenya using our Taxes

September 11, 2023

President William Ruto has reiterated his commitment to achieving self-reliance, emphasizing that his administration will harness the country’s resources to propel its developmental goals.

In pursuit of this objective, President Ruto has announced that the Government is intensifying its efforts to combat corruption and address the mismanagement of public resources.

“We will build Kenya using our taxes. We, therefore, cannot allow resources raised by the people to be embezzled,” he said.

The Head of State implored Kenyan citizens to aspire to make significant contributions to the country’s development.

“Ultimately the business of building Kenya belongs to us; the citizens of Kenya. We cannot rely on others,” he said.

Dr Ruto highlighted the alarming and unsustainable trend where the country dedicates 6 out of every 10 Shillings collected in taxes to service its debt.

Ruto made the remarks during an Inter-denomination Church Service, in Laare, Meru County, in the company of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, Agriculture Cabinet Mithika Linturi, and Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza.

President Ruto at the same time affirmed his government’s commitment to fostering unity among Kenyans and their leaders to promote development. He called upon leaders to set aside their political disparities and prioritize serving the interests of the people.

“We do not have the time to engage in quarrels and division. Let us unite and work together to develop our country,” he said.

The President also said the government is upgrading the equipment of the Police Service to enhance efficiency in the management of the country’s security.

He assured residents of Meru County that the Government will act swiftly in combating rising cases of insecurity in the region.

“The security of our country is non-negotiable,” he said.

President Ruto additionally urged Kenyans to seize the opportunity presented by the rainy season to engage in tree planting as a means to combat climate change.

The President said the government will continue supporting farmers to bolster agricultural productivity. He announced that an allocation of Sh 10 billion has been designated for the Agricultural Finance Corporation to enhance farmers’ access to credit, thus further supporting the agricultural sector.

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