PHOTOS – Governor Sakaja Launches El Nino Marshal Plan

September 12, 2023

The Nairobi County government has launched a readiness plan in anticipation of the El Nino rains forecasted by the Kenya Meteorological Department.

The upcoming El Niño has raised concerns regarding the potential for floods, and clogged drainage systems that could affect the capital city.

In light of this impending threat, Nairobi City County has developed a comprehensive disaster management strategy aimed at mitigating the expected consequences and assisting residents in mounting an effective response to the emergency.

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja unveiled the plan dubbed El Nino marshal plan on Monday, September 11 at Uhuru Park. He underscored the importance of cleaning and unblocking drainage systems as a preventive measure against flooding.

To facilitate this endeavor, the county has enlisted 3,500 environmental officers who will play a pivotal role in maintaining clear and unobstructed drainages.

“2,500 youth have today commenced their employment as environmental staff in Nairobi City County Government as we commissioned and launched our El Niño preparedness Marshall plan and activities. The next cohort of 1,000 will join shortly,” Sakaja said.

Governor Sajaka has additionally directed the construction sector directorate to identify and map out hazardous buildings that could pose risks during flooding. Swift evacuations of residents from these structures will be carried out to ensure their safety.

The Nairobi county government has also invested in essential equipment, including 27 new work trucks, fire trucks, flushing units, ambulances, excavators, and exhausters.

The County government also plans to reduce ambulance response times to 9 minutes, guaranteeing that vital medical assistance reaches individuals in need swiftly.

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