Love, music, and a bundle of joy – that’s the tune Kenyan songbird Nyota Ndogo is dancing to these days.

The musician recently took to social media to share her joyous news of pregnancy and, to top it off, flaunted a Sh3 million gift from her Danish husband, Henning Nielsen.

Nyota Ndogo was overwhelmed with joy upon discovering that her husband had purchased land valued at Sh 3 Million in Voi for her, right after she shared her pregnancy announcement online.

The ‘Kimbelembele’ singer, known for her melodious voice and heartfelt ballads, mentioned that her loving husband ensured that it was registered in her name.

“Ningependa kuwatangazia kwamba mume wangu amenipa zawadi ya ploti ambayo ukubwa wake ni 100 kwa 100,” she wrote, adding that she plans to open another restaurant in Voi.

“Ananiambia nandi­ka jina lako, hii ni yako kwa sababu unanipenda kweli. Ploti yenyewe imenunuliwa milioni tatu na ipo Voi. Sasa, Inshallah, tujenge mkahawa wetu pendwa,”

Loosely translated: (I would like to announce that my husband has gifted me a plot, which measures 100 by 100.

(He told me “register it in your name because you truly love me”. The plot itself was purchased for three million, and it is located in Voi. Now, Inshallah, let’s build our restaurant beloved).

Nyota Ndogo’s announcement comes days after she responded to critics who were chastising her for becoming pregnant at what some consider an ‘older age’. She told them that she still feels youthful and fully capable of conceiving.

Wenye kusema mimi nimzee sifai kuzaa siku yakujifungua njooni musukume nyinyi maana nyie ndio mna nguvu zakusukuma. Kwanza mimi am only 42 bado mchanga sana. Happy birthday to me, oh sorry congratulations to me,” she wrote.

Loosely translated (“For those who say I’m too old to give birth, come and push for me during delivery since you have the strength to push. First of all, I’m only 42, still very young. Happy birthday to me, oh sorry, congratulations to me.”)