Nairobi Man Confesses to Theft of Car Batteries at Police Station

September 27, 2023

A 32-year-old man accused of vandalizing a vehicle parked at Villa Police Station in Embakasi, Nairobi, with the intent to steal car batteries, has entered a guilty plea.

Samson Shampasina Nina, who was caught in the act, was charged with the theft of two car batteries, valued at Sh31,000, from a company’s truck on September 22nd.

Samson was found beneath the lorry by a police officer around 7 p.m. The officer noticed someone underneath the vehicle and approached to investigate, ultimately discovering the accused in the act of removing two batteries.

In an attempt to escape, the suspect made a run for it, but the officer managed to catch him before he could flee.

He was subsequently brought to one of the station’s investigation rooms for interrogation, accompanied by the two stolen batteries and the tools he had utilized to remove them.

During the interrogation, Samson Nina confessed to the police that he had stolen the batteries with the intention of selling them to a secondhand car parts dealer located on Jogoo Road. He revealed that he had already sold seven other batteries to this dealer.

Additionally, the suspect admitted to stealing an additional 16 batteries, which he had sold to two different dealers. He explained that he had sold five of them to a dealer in the Pipeline area of Embakasi and the remaining four to an individual associated with a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Sacco in the same vicinity.

The accused pleaded guilty before Senior Principal Magistrate Monica Kivuti of the Makadara Law Courts.

The case is scheduled for a hearing on October 3rd, during which the prosecution will present its case against him.

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