Eric Omondi Eyeing Lang’ata Parliamentary Seat

September 14, 2023

Eric Omondi says he is considering running for the Lang’ata parliamentary seat currently occupied by his underfire colleague, comedian Phelix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o.

During an interview with a local radio station, the comedian mentioned that this decision has been influenced by pressure from the Kenyan public.

Omondi said he initially had reservations about entering politics, but his perspective changed a few weeks ago while he was actively involved in opposing the Finance Act of 2023.

“People’s voices are the voice of God and there is a possibility because two months ago, I was refusing it but since that day I fought for the Finance Act, 2023,” he said.

Omondi said the several arrests he endured motivated him to join politics.

“I was arrested seven times, lobbed teargas on, but they went ahead and passed the Bill, so we must be in Parliament to remove them,” said the comedian.

Eric Omondi however noted that it is not confirmed that he will run for the Lang’ata seat, but he is currently contemplating the possibility.

“I have never spoken about Lang’ata because there are many constituencies in this country but apparently Lang’ata is key because of the people who convince me to go for it,” he said.

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