Crazy Kennar To Actualize 6-Year Dream in December, Asks Fans For Support

September 21, 2023

Renowned digital content creator Kennedy Odhiambo, widely recognized as Crazy Kennar, has revealed his plans to make his inaugural live stage appearance in December, marking a significant milestone in his comedy career.

In a video message shared on Wednesday, the self-proclaimed ‘content cartel’ announced that this IDEA had been brewing in his mind for the past six years.

“Today I want to share something that is so personal to me. This year I want to do something that is so scary to me, I have been thinking about it for the past six years and I want to do a live show on stage,” he announced.

Crazy Kennar is targeting an audience of about 6,000 people for the live comedy act, and has called upon his loyal fanbase to support his quest.

“I want to actualise digital comedy into live stage comedy, a show that will have 6,000 people in attendance this December. In my head, I believe that this dream is possible, and personally, I promise that I’m going to give a performance of a lifetime,” he said.

Kennar stated that the live stage performance would offer him the chance to establish an “intimate connection” with his fans, a unique experience he hasn’t had since he started creating content in January 2017.

“I never thought of how big I could grow, I never even imagined the opportunities that I could get. I never even in my wildest dreams imagined that I could leave the country to go and shoot content but all this has been possible because of the support you guys have given me up to date,” he said.

Adding: “My ask to you guys is just one, the day I go live with the posters, share, tag as many people as you can, buy the tickets and come watch me live on stage.”

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