‘You will not see me at all on social media…’ Mulamwah Talks Plan To Quit Social Sites

August 25, 2023

Comedian David Oyando, best known as Mulamwah, says he has a plan to quit social media in the foreseeable future.

Speaking in a local interview, Mulamwah confessed that he regrets being famous. He acknowledged that while he has achieved some financial milestones, he has also undergone emotional distress due to his presence on social media platforms.

“At times I am amazed at how I manage to get up every day and get back on social media and do my things. I have seen it all kwa hii online,” he said.

Mulamwah disclosed that once he accomplishes his financial objectives, he intends to step away from active engagement on social media, except when it’s for business-related ventures.

“It will reach a point where you will not see me at all on social media. Mi hujiambia wacha nimalize keja, nishike kagari then wasee hatawahi niona online. Hivo ndio iko locked kwa mind yangu,” he said.

Mulamwah alluded to the possibility of setting up a pseudo account, through which he could stay updated with current trends as a regular follower rather than as a content creator.

“I will leave my accounts to artistes because I am planning on signing artistes. Kama ni mistari naandikia other entertainers and that’s it,” he said.

Mulamwah noted that this plan depends on the duration it takes for him to realize his life goals.

“When my businesses, and finances are all aligned then I will take a step back from social media, because frankly speaking, you cannot stay on social media until you die.”

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