Ruto Calls For TikTok Content Moderation Amid Demands for App Ban

August 24, 2023

President William Ruto has more or less ruled out banning TikTok in Kenya and advocated for the establishment of content moderation mechanisms.

Addressing a gathering in Nakuru, Ruto noted that TikTok and similar social media platforms have the potential to generate even more revenue. He said these online spaces could be subject to effective content moderation measures, aiming to maintain a balanced sharing of content.

“I will speak to the global CEO of Tiktok and we have moderation capacities on YouTube and X (former Twitter)  so that we can agree on a mechanism to moderate content on their space,” he said.

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“Kenya is getting between Ksh.500 million and Ksh.800 million every month from these platforms and so we are increasing our revenue as a country from this space. We need to manage the negative effects and promote the positive,” Ruto added.

The President also disclosed that he held discussions with Facebook regarding content monetization.

“I had a conversation with Facebook and they have agreed to test with 25 of our creators to see how we can monetize content,” he added.

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