Police Roadblocks To Be Replaced With Patrol Officers Beginning November

August 25, 2023

All police roadblocks across the country will be done away with from November 1, 2023, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has said.

Appearing before the National Administration and Internal Security Committee of the National Assembly, the CS said roadblocks will be replaced with patrol security officers along the highways and major corridors.

CS Kindiki mentioned that the removal of roadblocks is in line with a directive from President Ruto

“This is a presidential directive and honestly roadblocks are an old form of security and should only be mounted on the request of the security operators, with a specific agenda and once achieved should be dismounted,” Kindiki told the committee.

The minister was responding to MPs’ concerns regarding reported instances of transporters being subjected to harassment along prominent highways by police officers who have been seeking bribes and causing disruptions, particularly within the East African Community corridor.

CS Kindiki at the same time addressed the issue of refugees, saying efforts to create accommodating settlements for refugees within the country are progressing well.

“Through the Shirika Plan which we are soon operationalizing, will completely deal with all matters refugee – management as we aim at making sure they get hospitable settlements and are incorporated in the host communities,” the CS said.

Kindiki mentioned that Kenya is currently providing refuge to thousands of refugees from Somalia, South Sudan, and Ethiopia.

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