Government To Increase Inua Jamii Beneficiaries To 2.5 million

August 23, 2023

Florence Bore, the Cabinet Secretary for Labour and Social Protection, has announced the government’s plans to expand the social protection program by enrolling a larger number of deserving Kenyan citizens.

In the pursuit of securing sustainable livelihoods, Bore mentioned that her Ministry will introduce supplementary social assistance initiatives and cash transfers to individuals in vulnerable situations within the upcoming weeks.

Following a meeting with sector collaborators, the CS revealed that the Kenya Kwanza government has implemented measures to raise the count of beneficiaries within the Inua Jamii Programmes from the current 1.2 million to 2.5 million.

“Under the President’s directive, My Ministry shall start registration of an additional Five Hundred Thousand (500,000) Inua Jamii Programme beneficiaries by September, 2023 and effect their first payment by October, 2023. I am committed to working with development partners to ensure that no one is left behind,” CS Bore said.

The minister noted that President Ruto’s administration intends to broaden the social protection fund with the aim of safeguarding beneficiaries from poverty and vulnerabilities, while also enhancing their quality of life.

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