Wetangula to Ruto – Talks With Strange People Won’t Lower Cost of Living

July 31, 2023

National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula has dissuaded President Wiliam Ruto from holding talks with Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Wetangula believes that the proposed dialogue between the president and the Azimio leader will not result in a reduction in the cost of living.

During a church service in Kwale on Sunday, Wetangula advised Ruto that the most effective approach to reducing the cost of living is through implementing sound economic policies, rather than relying on political dialogues or engagements with “strange people”.

“I want to tell you, Mr. President, if you want to lower the cost of living, is not by going to strange places to talk with strange people. It is by having sound economic policies, increasing production and helping the Kenyan farmer to provide enough food,” Wetangula opined.

Weta recounted past instances when the Kenya Kwanza coalition had raised concerns about the soaring cost of living in the country, only to have their grievances dismissed by President Uhuru’s regime.

The speaker also cautioned against resorting to anti-government protests, emphasizing that such actions would not lead to an improvement in the country’s economic situation.

“It is how we handle our tourists that we attract them to come here, not because we have anything unique, it is hospitality. And that will happen not by putting sufurias on the head and casting stones and throwing insults, but by having peace and tranquillity in our country.

“Because you cannot pretend that you can learn from people you have nothing to learn from, you cannot. People who have a history of destruction, deceit, dishonesty, betrayal, and above all people for who God is Just but a name,” Wetangula added.

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