Uhuru – My Son Jomo Has No Interest in Guns, Forced To Arm Himself After Security Withdrawn

July 25, 2023

Uhuru Kenyatta has refuted claims that his sons possess illegal guns amid a government crackdown on the former first family.

During an interview with news editors on Monday, the retired president spoke about the challenges his family has faced in recent days due to allegations made by some Kenya Kwanza leaders regarding the supposed misuse of firearms.

Uhuru admitted that his two sons, Jomo and Jaba Kenyatta, have three guns each which were acquitted legally.

Noting that Jomo, in particular, has no interest in guns, Uhuru said his sons were compelled to apply for the firearms after their security details were withdrawn shortly after President William Ruto’s government assumed office last year.

“My son Jomo has never been interested in weapons. He was forced to apply for a gun after his security was withdrawn,” he said, adding that his daughter Ngina does not own a firearm.

Uhuru also disclosed that he had requested the Ruto administration to extend the security detail for his children for an additional year to give them time to adjust to their new circumstances, but his plea was rejected.

“I know there is no provision in law to extend the security of my children despite my request. I, therefore, encouraged them to apply and they followed due process. They went to DCI and even their fingerprints were taken before being issued with the licenses,” he said.

“My son Jomo applied for three guns for his family’s protection, which are also vital in the operations at our farm, with the open safari camps, in Narok County. My younger son has interest in guns and it’s because of his hobby of shooting at birds in Mwea Irrigation Scheme to scare them away. They are for animals and he applied after I was out of office,” he added.

Speaking about the raid at Jomo’s house last week, Uhuru claimed there was a plot to plant guns and drugs on him during the Friday night operation.

“This weekend’s drama at my son’s place is still a puzzle. He has never been interested in politics or business,” he said.

“This gun issue is surrounded by lots of propaganda to divert attention from what has been happening. I believe they wanted to plant drugs and guns in my son’s compound.”

Uhuru Kenyatta also disclosed that he has been compelled to share his security personnel with his mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, following the withdrawal of her security detail last week.

“The benefits my mum enjoys are not because of me but because she is a former First Lady,” he said.

Adding: “I have had to share my security with my mum after they withdrew. We have had to hire private security guards. I am not receiving all retirement benefits, some of my staff do not have contracts, they don’t pay allowances to hire office, I fuel the cars. I however receive the pension and I have security.”

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