Baby Sagini’s Cousin, Grandmother, and Aunt Sentenced For Gouging His Eyes Out

July 25, 2023

A Kisii court has sentenced three suspects found guilty of causing grievous harm to Baby Junior Sagini, the three-year-old child whose eyes were gouged out in December last year at Ikuruma Village.

The trio of baby Sagini’s grandmother(Rael Mayaka Nyakerario), aunt(Pacificah Nyakerario), and cousin(Alex Maina Ochogo) was found guilty of the gruesome offense a little over two weeks ago on July 7.

They had on January 18 been charged with attempted murder which later changed to causing grievous bodily harm, due to a lack of enough evidence.

On Monday, July 24, Senior Resident Magistrate Christine Ogweno sentenced the main suspect, Alex Ochogo, to 40 years behind bars.

Magistrate Ogweno further sentenced baby Sagini’s aunt, Pacifica Nyakerario, to 10 years in jail and the grandmother, Rael Mayaka, to five years in jail.

While delivering the guilty verdict two weeks ago, the magistrate described the attack on the minor as barbaric, brutal, savage, and inhuman.

“There’s so much he (Sagini) will never see again. One wonders what kind of people these were, who were so heartless to gouge out a child’s eyes, put them in a sack and under the bed,”  Ms Ogweno said.

She added: “Society failed Baby Sagini.”

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